Have a worry-free
night out!

More freedom

Call when you want to,
not because you have to.

Keeping parents
calm and quiet

“Why not just send a text?”

Consider the situation: Teens want freedom to have a good time, parents want to make sure they're safe. Check in too much, and teens worry; don't check in at all, and parents worry.


Don't argue about a text--agree to the freedom and safety of Checkin Alert!

Sometimes, teens just don't have the energy to keep sending those “I’m OK” texts. To them, it makes more sense to communicate only when help is really needed.

Checkin.Party can be set up to alert multiple contacts, deal with situations such a dead phone battery/user out of reception range, and send the last GPS location.

Designed for parents and teenagers that helps teens enjoy a worry-free night out.

The app sets off an alarm at a pre-set time. By finger-swiping the alarm, teens can let their parents know they’re okay. If the teenager doesn’t swipe, the app messages their last known GPS location to their parents.

Let teenagers party freely

Help parents stop worrying


Escape Route Feature

Not your kind of party? Not your scene? Not your crowd? Want an easy out? Hard to do. But check this out:

For Teenagers

More Party. Less Worry.

More freedom, LESS concern, and LESS stress!

It makes more sense to only communicate only when help is really needed.

Call when you want to

not because you have to.

Get the help you need

Ask for help when you really need it.

Enjoy an evening out

without worrying, upsetting or angering your parents.

Benefits to you as a Parent

Be There When Your Kids Are Away

Know when you’re needed most.

When you combine freedom and peace of mind, everyone’s happy.

You can be sure they’re okay

without embarrassing them by calling them all the time.


Makes the old, unreliable ways of reaching others a thing of the past.

You aren’t being overprotective.

You’re prepared!

With Escape Route (by Checkin.Party) - you can let your friend know you need rescuing without typing a word. They get the signal, they call you, and you're out! "Sorry, family emergency, gotta go", and you're gone. The best? No one will suspect a thing!


For teenagers

Having to tell your parents where you are all the time is stressful – not to mention a hassle! You want freedom! But freedom and responstibility aren’t mutually exclusive. Checkin.Party is a special app that checksup on you, so your parents don’t have to.

Don’t waste time trying to decide who to ask for help. Checkin.Party lets you decide in advance who should be contacted if you’re in an emergency situation.

With Checkin.Party, there's no worries - when you’re partying. You’re prepared! You’re being mindful of yourself and your loved ones. You’re going out safely and having fun.


For parents

You always worry that something bad might happen to your teenager. With Checkin.Party, you can be sure they’re fine without embarrassing them by calling them all the time.

Checkin.Party enables them to ask you for help only when they need it. You won’t have to worry about false alarms.

You aren’t being overprotective. You’re being prepared. And you’re being mindful of both your teenager’s safety and their freedom.


Simplify Nights Out

Teenagers won’t be embarrassed by their parents constantly checking up on them. Parents can relax in the knowledge that their teens are okay and will arrive home safely. The app simplifies nights out for both parents and teenagers.


Check In, Check Up, Carry On

Makes safety super-simple! The teenagers check in on the app (or swipe off the alarm), the parents check up on them, and both continue enjoying their evenings without worry or hassle.


Controlled Control

Staying in contact on a night out is vital for parents, but it’s also vital for teenagers. Teenagers can reach their parents in an emergency, while parents can keep tabs on their teens without feeling over-protective. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


More Freedom, Less Worry

Checkin facilitates more of the freedom parents want to give their teenagers, and more of freedom the teenagers want. It adds up to less concern for parents, and less stress for teenagers.


Combining Freedom with Peace of Mind

When you combine freedom and peace of mind, everyone’s happy. Teenagers have the freedom to enjoy an evening out without worrying, upsetting or angering their parents. And parents have peace of mind because they know their teenagers are okay and will arrive home safely.


Why not just send a text?

Most of the time, teenagers are in a safe environment and everything is going well. So they resent having to keep texting their parents to let them know everything is fine. What if the parents interrupt their kids’ fun night out just because they are worried?


Keep your privacy

Users don’t have to worry about being spied on. Checkin.Party guarantees privacy. The same strict medical-grade privacy technology used by our parent company, Medic Signal, is built into Checkin. Users have total control over what information is sent and when. The app will only share GPS locations with parents in the event of an emergency (that is, when the teenager misses their Checkin).


Don’t worry about oversharing

We work with usernames, not with personally identifiable information. You choose your own support system with your parents and friends. All your data is secure and anonymous.


Why choose Checkin.Party?

While there are many safety apps you can download, Checkin.Party uses Medic Signal's proprietary "Swipe to Say" system. Checkin, like Medic Signal, sends alerts ONLY when they're needed. That's what makes it the most intuitive safety app on the market.